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Eight thematic routes, derived from the names of Krynica springs, with a total length of 125 km.
On the routes, you will find colorful plates with the names of individual routes and the cyclist’s logo in the appropriate color. The starting point of all routes is located on the Krynica Promenade, just below the Tourist Information.
Mountain bike trails only! One-way routes!

KRYNICZANKA (blue) distance: 9,4 km,
ZUBER (green) distance: 22,3 km,
SŁOTWINKA (purple) distance: 4,6 km,
TADEUSZ (black) distance: 11,1 km,
MIECZYSŁAW (bronze) distance: 22 km,
JAN (orange) distance: 14,6 km,
JÓZEF (red) distance: 14,6 km,
KAROL (yellow) distance: 25 km.


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