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Słotwiny - observation tower

The nearly 50 metrehigh tower with a unique wooden structure and the over a kilometre long nature and educational trail leading to it provide not only beautiful views, but also relaxation and unwinding.

Muszyna castle and sensory gardens

Renovated in 2023, the castle of the starosts of the Muszyna State from the fourteenth century, a complex of themed gardens and recreational infrastructure (swimming pools, indoor tennis court) in Muszyna. Muszyna's sensory gardens are designed to intensify all five senses: smell, sight, touch, hearing and taste. The Gardens of Senses in Muszyna are divided into: the zone of health, smell, sound, smell and touch, taste, sight, Aphrodite and the zone of fairy tales and legends.

Mineral water pump rooms

The basic treasure of nature in Krynica are the diverse in composition and abundant healing waters with proven healing effects. Krynica's mineral waters are available in several pump rooms located in the center by the promenade.

Jaworzyna Krynicka

The most famous gondola lift in Poland to Jaworzyna Krynicka is 2'211 meters long. In one hour, the gondola lift can transport 1600 people. The cabs move at a speed of 5 m/s, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride. There are a total of 10 lifts available in Jaworzyna Krynicka, including chairlifts, T-bar lifts and a 6-person gondola lift, and the total length of ski slopes is over 10 km! The views from the top of Jaworzyna Krynicka are extraordinary, in all directions of the world. Towards the west we can see the Slovak side of the Tatra Mountains, slightly to the west of them the Small Pieniny Mountains, further to the north-west Radziejowa and the Gorce Mountains with Turbacz.

Endorphin Factory... a powerful dose of the happiness hormone

For you, for the family, we recommend the attractions of the Endorphin Factory: rope park, ESCAPE ROOM, rafting, paintball, hunting range, off road, climbing wall. Click here to see our full range of www.fabrykaendorfiny.pl

Mountain "Parkowa and Park"

The peak is 741 m above sea level. The park on the slopes of the mountain is an excellent walking area located in the center of Krynica. It was founded in 1810. The funicular was launched on 17 December 1937 and was opened by the Marshal's widow – Aleksandra Piłsudska. At that time, the Krynica railway was the second facility of this type in Europe.

Krynica Trail of Lemko Orthodox Churches

It is a part of a larger Wooden Architecture Route, it gives you a chance to admire the unusual wooden temples and brick Lemko Orthodox churches located in the Krynica commune. Along the route, you can visit the former Greek Catholic churches, most of which now serve as Roman Catholic churches. The original Orthodox church décor has remained in the buildings. The Orthodox churches were built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, in the type of Western-Lemko architecture. The trail runs through Krynica-Zdrój, Berest, Polany, Piorunkę, Czyrną, Mochnaczkę, Tylicz and Muszyna.


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